PT. Behn Meyer Chemicals

The Behn Meyer Group of Companies dates back to 1840 when two young men from Hamburg, Theodor August Behn and Valentin Lorenz Meyer, established Behn, Meyer & Co. in Singapore.

Since its early beginnings in trading and shipping, Behn Meyer has evolved into a specialty supplier for a wide variety of industries across Southeast Asia.

Today, the Behn Meyer Group combines the distribution of renowned brands with the development of its own products. Behn Meyer’s core business units service a variety of industries:


Fertilizers, Crop Protection


Animal Nutrition, Food, Home & Personal Care, Pharma

Performance Chemicals
Coatings, Petro- & Process Chemicals, Water Treatment, Leather & Textile


Rubber, Plastics

Behn Meyer’s global team of over 1,200 employees aims for the highest level of support for all our customers and suppliers. Our network covers more than 15 countries and is supported by 28 offices, 38 warehouses and several manufacturing plants in Asia, Europe and the USA.

Driven to find solutions, our R&D facilities guarantee product quality and innovative capability. 

Our exciting history is one of persistence, partnership and innovation. We continue to shape solutions for the future and focus on building lasting relationships with our customers and suppliers.



The Behn Meyer Group’s philosophy is to conduct our business in a responsible and future-oriented manner for the benefit of our customers, principals, employees and shareholders as well as the wellbeing of the countries in which we operate. To achieve this objective, we:

Practice an open and partner-like relationship with our customers and principals.

Ensure to be specialists in the businesses in which we are involved.


Apply team management principles across all our individual companies.

Encourage independent management of all our companies.

Promote cooperation amongst our individual companies.

Motivate our staff through career development programmes.


Reinvest substantial portions of our profits.

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