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BRIGHT stands for Bridging Research Innovation Globally in Health Technology. BRIGHT International is a global network of professionals dedicated to propelling the translation of scientific innovation into clinical application. Science in the 21st century is evolving at an exponential pace. However, practice, diagnosis, and treatment strategies in healthcare often fail to align with the most cutting edge science. To this end, we identify challenges, propose solutions, and generate actions to enable a more effective and streamlined implementation of health research at a regional and global scale.

We have a dedicated team of research analysts from across four continents, which focus on a theme each year in health innovation. By examining policies, health systems, and translation processes, we aim to discover the strength and challenges of each region to facilitate mutual support and advance the health innovation process globally.


Core Values

Identify Challenges

To identify key obstacles hindering the progression of health innovation into practice regionally and globally.

To incorporate interdisciplinary perspectives of professionals regardless of ethnicity, geography, gender, or race.

To provide a platform to critically examine current systems through scientific inquiry, innovative thinking, and logical reasoning.


Propose Solutions

To propose effective, streamlined, and sustainable approaches for translating health innovation to practical application.

To apply evidence-based research and offer tangible solutions for health policy issues.

To amalgamate the strengths of health systems, processes, and policies across the globe and resolve shortcomings with expertise and experiences from an international community.


Generate Actions

To enhance systems, processes, and policies in health innovation through evidence-based advocacy.

To enable interdisciplinary and international collaboration that align healthcare and medicine with science of the 21st century.

To impact health translation, from basic science to the clinic, knowledge to practice, movement to policy.


Address: plaza niaga 1 blok B50 sentul city bogor

Phone: (+62)02187962058 
Fax Number: (+62)02187961089 
Business Hours: 8.00 AM – 17.00 PM 

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