PT. Tigaka Distrindo Perkasa

Established in 2000, Tigaka Distrindo Perkasa (TDP) is a company within Anugerah Corporation, an Indonesian group that focuses on health care and wellness. From its simple origins as a raw materials supplier to the pharmaceutical industry in Indonesia.  TDP supplies APIs and other specialty ingredients as well as innovative solutions.

Nowadays, TDP provides “beyond ingredients” to our clients such as technical solutions, product developments, vendor managed inventory, and even partnerships.

Our expansion through growing global partnerships and diversification into new products along with our knowledge and expertise in the local market bring opportunities for our customers & partners.

Our knowledge and expertise in the local market built over 19 years combined with strong global partners & principals form the foundation of TDP. We deliver not only raw materials but also ideas and solutions in the face of dynamic operating environments and continuous support through long term partnerships.

  1. The focus in Growing the Market: We started as a pharmaceutical raw materials distributor many years ago. Today, TDP is riding on the strength of Indonesian consumer growth and rising purchasing power. Diversification into raw materials for food & beverages, personal & home care, feed industries has expanded sales channels also market coverage.

  2. Focus on Developing Human Capital: We believe our people are the biggest asset. We equip our people with training and development programs from Key Accounts Management, Supply Chain Management, Good Distribution Practices to Health, Safety and Environment Practices. From Technical & Product Knowledge to Ethical Code of Conduct and Standards. We also update them with the latest trends and technologies. This is our quality assurance and service commitment to customers and partners.

  3. Focus on Quality Services: Understanding the needs of our customers and also our responsibility to deliver quality goods and services. TDP believes that continuous investments in infrastructure and technology will enhance the customer experience, including 7,000 m2 of the racked warehouse of the highest pharmaceutical standards and IT systems and more to come.



“beyond ingredients” summarizes our fundamental value to go beyond our core business and to go beyond our call of duty in providing our customers and partners with the assurance of products, services, and support.



  • Pharmacy:

Gastrointestinal, Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Central Nervous System, musculoskeletal, Anti Biotics, Genito Urinary System, Anti Diabetic, Ophthalmic, Corticosteroids, Anti Histamine, Anti Tuberculosis


  • Excipient:

Filler, Suspending Agent, Binder, Coating, Thickener, Color, Taste Masking Agent, Resin, Lubricant


  • Herbal:

Obesity, Heart, Digestive, Diabetes, Memory, Joint & Osteoporosis, Liver Support, Onco Care, Immunity, Anti Oxidant, Anti Stress


  • Food & Beverages:

Natural & Synthetic Food Color, Acidulant, Emulsifier, Flavour & Extract, Premix Vitamin & Mineral, Phosphate Food Grade (DCP, DKP, MCP, SAPP, STPP, SHMP, TCP), Phosphate Blend for Meat & Seafood, Brown Rice & Green Bean Powder, Filler (Cornstarch, Dextrose, Maltodextrin), Soluble Dietary Fibers, Preservative (Potassium Sorbate), Sweetener (SUCRALOSE, FRUCTOSE), Modified Starches, Calcium Fortification


  • Personal Care & Home Care:

Actives, Additives, Anti-irritants, Anti-microbials, Bases/Carriers, Conditioners, Efficacy Boosters, Feel Enhancers, Formulating Aids, Preservatives, Repairs, Rheology, Surfactants, UV Filters, Organic & Natural Ingredients (Extract)


  • Feed:

Macro Ingredients, Feed Additives, Feed Supplements, Pharmaceuticals

The Office

Address: Jl. Tanah Abang II No.37, Jakarta – 10160 Indonesia
Phone: 62-21-3508980, 62-21-3508981
Fax: 62-21-3861847

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