PT United Chemicals Inter Aneka, known as Omya United Chemicals, is a member of the Omya Group and complements the group’s core business as a distributor of industrial specialty chemicals.

With its head office based in Jakarta, Omya United Chemicals has grown as a leading chemical distribution company in Indonesia, with award-winning recognition. It has outstanding sales & marketing competencies, serving various industries with over 50 skilled -yet accountable marketing and customer service officers, based at 4 main business locations.

Our vision: Be the most trusted and reliable Specialty and Industrial Chemicals distributor in Indonesia.

Our mission: We are committed to work closely with our world-class principals and to serve whole heartedly our valued customers in delivering first-class services and products.


Omya United Chemicals major markets are: Surface Coatings, Plastic, Food, Feed, Rubber, Cosmetic, Personal Care and Household, Textile Auxiliary, Water Treatment, Leather, Other

This is a traditional application for our products, both as feed ingredients and as additives.
Products used in different applications have a wide range of particle sizes, with high purity ensured and an established quality management system in place.

Good human nutrition starts with good animal nutrition and the same applies to safety. We also deliver products for veterinary applications under conditions close to those for human pharmaceuticals and for young animals with special nutritional needs.

​Product offered:

  1. Feed Binders
  2. Proteins
  3. Soy Lecithin
  4. Antioxidants
  5. Antimolds
  6. Antifungus
  7. Probiotics
  8. Minerals
  9. Minerals Chelates
  10. Milk Replacer
  11. Lactose
  12. Anti-caking agents
  13. Flavors
  14. Microtracers
  15. Homogeneity Tester
  16. Etc.



  • Head Office: 
    PT United Chemicals Inter Aneka
    Graha Lestari Building Lt.9, Jl. Kesehatan No.48, Jakarta 10160 – Indonesia
    Phone: (62 21) 3890 1919, 3890 1920, Fax: (62 21) 3890 1921, E-mail:


  • Warehouse:
    Jl. Raya Serang KM 24.5 No3 Kampung Jaha RT002 RW001, Desa Sentul Jaya, Balaraja – Tangerang 15610 – Indonesia
    Phone: (62 21) 595 1412, 595 1413, Fax: (62 21) 595 1415, E-mail:


  • Sales Office and Warehouse:
    Jl. Satria Raya II No. 38-40, Kompleks Industri Caringin, Bandung 40224 – Indonesia 
    Phone: (62 22) 540 7360, Fax: (62 22) 540 7361, E-mail:


    Jl. Berbek Industri II No. 7, Kompleks SIER, Surabaya 60293 – Indonesia 
    Phone: (62 31) 843 1417, 843 7065, Fax: (62 31) 843 2009, E-mail: ucia.sby@omya.comSemarang
    Jl. Kawasan Industri Candi, Blok 8D no.2, Bambankerep, Ngaliyan, Semarang, 50211 – Indonesia
    Phone: (62 24) 762 7624, Fax: (62 24) 762 7624, Email:

    The Cruiser Tower 7th Floor, Jl. Yos Sudarso No. 88-P, Medan 20115, Sumatra Utara – Indonesia
    Phone: (62 61) 80089102, Fax: (62 61) 80089106, E-mail:

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