Based on the 2018 RKAP, the realization of Berdikari sales grew by around 255% from the target of 382 billion. PT Berdikari (Persero) scored sales of Rp. 1.35 trillion or grew around 10 times compared to the last year’s sales of Rp. 113.6 billion. While based on the 2018 RKAP, the sales grew by around 255% from the targeted 382 billion

The realization of growth was supported by an increase in the company’s business with the company’s main business focus in the livestock business sector. Berdikari President Director Eko Taufik Wibowo said that the company is still focused on chicken and cattle business through the development of integration. “The process of change in total is carried out in total, with an initial focus on improving the financial structure and organization of human resources,” Eko said in an official statement, https://katadata.co.id , Thursday (13 / 12).

He explained, the company started to enter the livestock business from upstream to downstream with the GPS (Grand Parent Stock) chain. GPS is a strategic chain and is a critical point of guarantee for parent stock, commercial stock and feed mills.

Throughout 2018, the company broilers as many as 53,150, which are spread on two farms, namely in Tasikmalaya and Pasuruan. Imported broilers began to produce DOC (Day Old Chick) PS (Parent Stock) with an average production of 100,000 heads per month distributed to breeders of public nurseries on Java.

In addition, Berdikari also received an assignment of 20 thousand tons of buffalo meat imports from India and 1,430 cattle imported from the Ministry of Agriculture. “This imported cow has been distributed to livestock groups in several provinces in Sumatra,” he said.

As for 2019, Self-targeted sales of Rp. 429 billion with profits of Rp. 27 billion. To achieve this target, the company will focus on integrated chicken farming business for GPS and PS, choose the right strategic partners and prepare competent human resources.

Berdikari also encourages companies to engage in logistics distribution and supply chain activities in the livestock business, provide competitive prices, and improve services for consumers. He also stated that he would focus on increasing value-added business chains, including the feed sector, processed food, and the hotel-catering sector.

The chicken farm sector will continue to be strengthened on the upstream side as well as structured cages for cattle farms based on partnerships with community farmers. The company is also ready to synergize with local governments, universities and local business associations, mapping potential land and making strategies to convince investors.

“We also carry out the arrangement of subsidies so that they are in line with the business focus of Berdikari through divestments or changes in the business model,” Eko said. (Af)


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